A 4.0 Sturgeons Farm

Acipenser boasts a MODERN 4.0 FISH FARM.

We installed an optical fibre system with the purpose of checking with cameras, even remotely, the healthy state of fishes, as well as to be able to take action on the regulation of water quality standards and of the oxygen level of water and to check the water temperature.

Sturgeons Breeding in tanks

Separated for species and age

This type of breeding guarantees greater benefits; it enables us to constantly have a visual inspection of our fishes, a correct tanks hygiene, always clean water, to prevent and reduce diseases, to have a natural thermo-photoperiod management, a correct distribution together with a minimal feed dispersion.

In addition, the presence of separate tanks with a water exchange system ensures a fish management which vary according to the species, year of birth and sex.

Allevamento Storioni in vasca

A Complete
Water Exchange

Thanks to a complete water exchange, that in our plant takes place every 4 hours, the water in our tanks is always clean and fresh. In fact, we can rely on 1500 litres of water per second from the river and on 500 litres of water per second from 11 wells located in different areas of our fish farm.

Our water quality monitoring systems enable us to have a monitored water flow and, consequently, to always maintain correct qualitative and quantitative standards.

Allevamento Storioni in vasca

Quality: Constantly monitored water

We continuously monitor our tanks water in order to keep the ammonia, the oxygen, the outdoor pollutants, the temperature, the COD and PH levels under control.

In addition to the regularly water monitoring, in emergency conditions, we have the possibility to close the access of the water inlet from the river and to use for our plant just the pure water of the different wells located across the fish farm.

Monitoraggio acqua Storioni

A Mobile Laboratory for our Sturgeons selection

“Sturgeon” is a fish that for various reasons gets stressed very easily and this phenomenon affects its caviar quality.

In the natural period of caviar production (from September to April), sturgeon is checked through minimally invasive biopsies, carried out by a specialized staff using a mobile laboratory fitted out to the side of the tank. Thanks to this method we are able to check every single sturgeon, establishing the exact stage of its eggs maturity.

Allevamento Storioni in vasca

Our Sturgeons Species

STE | Acipenser Stellatus

Storione: acipenser stellatus

GUE | Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

Storione: Acipenser Gueldenstedtii

BAGU/GUBA | Acipenser Baeri / Gueldenstaedtii

Storione: Acipenser Baeri

BAE | Acipenser Baeri

Storione: Acipenser Baeri

NACxBAE | Acipenser Naccarii / Baeri

Storione: Acipenser Naccarii

NACxHUS | Acipenser Naccarii / Huso Huso

Storione: Huso Huso