Sturgeons ready for Caviar from 1996

Acipenser the company and its history

Thanks to a staff that is constantly committed in the product research and innovation, Acipenser ensures Caviar of superior quality.

The company inception

Our fish farm was born in the 80’s as a troticulture.
In 1996 it was completely converted into sturgeon-culture thanks to the cooperation with Mr. Dalla Rosa Carlo, member of the Italian Sturgeon-culture Commission.

Current Acipenser General Manager.

Allevamento Storioni in vasca

The production of the first caviar begins

Some tanks were widened and extended and then the fish farm was intensified.

Nowadays, on a plot of about 10 hectares mainly occupied by raceways 1 km long, more than 200.000 “sturgeons” swim in the 80 tanks of our fish farm.

Allevamento Storioni in vasca

Acquisition by Copan Italia S.p.a.

Acipenser is owned by Copan Italia S.p.a., a world-wide multinational leader in the niche market of the clinical pre-analytic, pharmaceutical, forensic and food sector.

This company has distinguished itself over the years for ongoing scientific research and technological innovation. In June 2017 Copan decided to begin a new adventure in the fish farming sector of the “Sturgeon ready for Caviar”, by purchasing Acipenser with the intention of sharing its research and innovation strategies.

Allevamento Storioni in vasca